The “Alt-Reich”

Folks – I’m about as disinterested in politics as they come. But I care about society. You won’t catch me talking about politics often on facebook or in personal conversation for that matter. In case you are not sure though it’s important to understand two things concerning the upcoming election.

* Thing one? Trump and the Alt-Right movement have deep hooks into each other. This is so well documented that I’ll let you ask Google if you are unclear.

* Thing two? The Alt-right is one of the scariest US home-grown racist organizations to come around in a hundred years. I’ll mention that I have read Mein Kampf (Hitler’s journal) and found it chilling because of how reasonably and mildly it proceeds down a logical path whose conclusion is hell on earth.

As for the Alt-Right- I read this piece of rhetoric about it which is a lot like Mein Kampf to me in style – like arsenic in that it is sweet going down but lethal to metabolize. You know they used to sweeten pastries with arsenic? They didn’t know any better. This article:…/an-establishment-conservatives-…/ is mentioned in Wikipedia “In March 2016 Breitbart News writers Allum Bokhari and Milo Yiannopoulos published a piece on the alt-right, which CNN described as being similar to a manifesto.” It has been also referred to in the “show about race” podcast as “the Alt-Right manifesto” That’s a great podcast, by the way, you should check it out.

Honestly, that article gave me chills more than Mein Kampf did. I’m not exaggerating – of course, Mein Kampf was from a different time and place but this new strain of racism is persuasive and subtle – in the way of Hitler’s arguments but to me, though brief and loose, in their way they seem even more sophisticated and palatable to the naive. It’s the same arsenic “Now with improved taste!” for American consumers. It’s a case of “check the ingredients”.

Here is one article about the Alt-Right leadership that is interesting to parse:

At bottom, if you have believed that maybe Trump would “make America great again”, a lot of Americans have made this mistake. Please consider the two points I have just outlined, that Trump is embedded in the Alt-Right movement and that the Alt-Right is a racist organization. Research it, feel free to talk to me about it. Talk to minorities about it and just minded and well-read folks. Reconsider. This one is important. The world has been at this point in the past. It’s a place we hoped we’d never return to – but we have to recognize it.

All of this is to say – I pray you will do some soul searching on this. I have friends and relatives who have been Trump supporters who I know are good people. I say this with all love and hope and prayer. Check your sense of smell. Let me know if there is anything I can do to help. Seriously. This for me is not about politics but is more of a “soul of the country” issue. It’s worth discussing lovingly and openly so that we understand what it is we are supporting.

Here are a couple of related resources:


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